Pursuant to the State Measurement for Accountable, Responsive, and Transparent (SMART) Government Act, the Office of the State Public Defender reports annually to the Joint House and Senate Judiciary committees concerning OSPD’s performance plan.  This enables the legislature to give guidance and direction in the development of OSPD’s policies and programs, to provide legislative overview of and input regarding the implementation of its policies and programs, and to review its performance plans and performance evaluations.

According to the SMART Act, the OSPD is required to:

  • Develop a Performance Management System – a formal system of managing the processes and operations of the department which includes the annual budget process.
  •   Appear before the assigned standing interim committee as determined pursuant to Section 2-7-203 C.R.S. and present:
    • The Department’s Performance Plan.
    • The Department’s Budget Request and Legislative Agenda for upcoming regular legislative session.
  • Publish an Annual Performance Report

Below are links to the information that the OSPD has submitted to fulfill this requirement: