Rollie Rogers 1925 – 1998

“For though you’re gone, you ever will remain
A grievous loss and the world’s gain”

Rollie Rogers, founder of the Colorado State Public Defender system, died November 9, 1998 at the age of 73. He was appointed as the first State Public Defender in October, 1969 by the Supreme Court and established the statewide public defender system in 1970.

For the many people who knew him, Rollie Rogers was an inspirational figure. Powered by his compassion for others, he attracted a highly dedicated staff of attorneys, investigators and secretaries to work in Public Defender offices across the state.

Lover of life, teacher, advisor and friend, he showed us how to be defenders. His dedication and commitment to providing legal defense services for the poor still serve as a model for public defenders and other defense attorneys today.