Adminstrative Staff Training

Colorado Public Defender’s administrative staff are dedicated to providing client-centered care to applicants for services and clients. Our administrative staff are often the first to interact with our clients and their family during times of fear and stress. They strive to always provide compassionate and competent client service.

Training for administrative staff occurs locally, on the job, and within individual offices. This includes how to apply state eligibility standards to processing applications for representation, case/file management, client care, communication, and ethics training. We offer a statewide Core Skills Training designed to introduce administrative staff to the history of the Colorado Public Defender, processes in the criminal legal system, and maintaining compassion for clients and ourselves. It also helps them hone the skills they have already gained in their individual offices. Our administrative staff attends our annual fall conference where they have access to job-specific training as well as content meant to inspire and reaffirm the necessity of quality public defense and the important role that core staff have in achieving our mission.