Annual Conference

September 11-13, 2022

Snowmass Colorado

Reconnect, Reflect, Represent

These past few years have been hard. Really hard. And just when it seems like we may be regaining our footing, we are faced with new challenges. From a raging global pandemic that has touched all of our lives and resulted in catastrophic loss, to a supreme court decision that felt like a gut punch that knocked us back nearly half a century, and all of the devastation in between, we persevere. We lean in and prop each other up, we confront daily injustices, we call out racism and the many other forms of bias our colleagues and clients face, we join forces and keep fighting forward. Community is critical, now more than ever. Conference 2022 will be a time to reconnect and to remember we are stronger together.

There will be great presentations on a wide variety of relevant topics from internal and external experts; we will hear stories of hope from some formerly incarcerated citizens whose lives have been touched by the hard work of our agency and agency partners at the legislature; we will learn about a wild and momentous year at SCOTUS and about hot topics in Colorado law; we will learn from a variety of forensics experts; there will be an entire track devoted to identifying and mitigating the symptoms of trauma we experience as public defenders; we will soak it all up and return home refreshed and reinvigorated to keep fighting forward.

Cost for Private Lawyers, Investigators, Social Workers, and Paralegals:

  • Lawyers (breakfast included):
    • Sunday – Tuesday, 12 CLEs, $425
    • Sunday/Monday, 8 CLEs, $350
    • Monday/Tuesday, 9 CLEs, $350
    • Sunday, 3 CLEs, $225
    • Monday, 5 CLEs, $275
    • Tuesday, 4 CLEs, $225
  • Investigators, Social Workers, and Paralegals (breakfast included):
    • Sunday – Tuesday, $125

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Registration will close on September 7, 2022

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Look forward to seeing those of you who serve the indigent accused.

(Public Defender Conference is closed to those who serve any prosecutorial or judicial function)

Once you register, you will receive an e-mail with additional information by Thursday 9/8/22 at 5:00 p.m