What we do

Colorado’s Office of the State Public Defender is known for high-quality representation and an efficient organizational structure which provides effective assistance of counsel in a cost-conscious manner.

Our system is comprised of 21 regional trial offices, a centralized appellate office that handles appeals from every jurisdiction in the state, as well as a centralized state administrative office. The system employs 872 FTE of which 526 are attorneys. For fiscal year 2018-2019, the Office’s operating budget is approximately 97.5 million dollars, which will support an estimated 187,000 cases and proceedings carried this year by our regional trial and appellate offices.

The Public Defender’s Senior Management Team (SMT) consists of:

  • Megan A. Ring, Colorado State Public Defender
  • Karen N. Taylor, First Assistant State Public Defender
  • Lucienne Ohanian, Chief Deputy Public Defender
  • Tina Fang, Chief Deputy Public Defender
  • Karen S. Porter, Chief Financial Officer
  • Kyle Hughes, Chief Information Officer

Additional State Office senior staff include:

  • Daniel B. King, Chief Trial Deputy
  • Joseph Archambault, Chief Trial Deputy
  • Jennifer Ahnstedt, Training Director
  • Stephanie Seibold, Training Director
  • Laurie Kepros, Director of Sexual Litigation
  • Janene McCabe, Director of Technical Litigation
  • Lee Renfrow, Director of Human Resources

Additionally there are Office Heads and Office Managers in each of the regional and appellate offices. View Public Defender Offices here.