Defender Positions

Team-Oriented, Client-Centered Environments

Colorado Public Defender offices are team-oriented, client-centered environments where commitment, collaboration and self-motivation are important attributes for success. Our clients’ goals drive our representation. Depending on the position, applications are either handled centrally by our State Administrative Office or locally by one of our twenty-one regional trial offices or appellate office. Please refer to the specific job category for more information.

Main Job Roles

These are the main job categories here at the OSPD, but there are more positions outside of these.  See job postings for all roles.

Brief Job Descriptions


We employ almost 600 attorneys who represent clients in state trial and appellate courts. The attorneys’ work cannot be successful without dedicated core staff in all of the offices.

Criminal Defense Investigators

Every trial office employs a crew of criminal defense investigators who work as a part of the multidisciplinary team to explore the facts of each case and seek a narrative of innocence for every client.

Forensic Social Workers

The OSPD employs a small but mighty team of forensic social workers who investigate the lives and experiences of our clients and advocate for less punitive outcomes.

Administrative Staff

Our administrative staff meet our clients at the front door of the office and over the phone to assist them with applying for representation, contacting members of the client’s team, and other questions. They help ensure that the client files are updated with upcoming court events and new discovery.


Paralegals are legally trained professionals who support the team directly in preparing a case for court presentation, researching legal issues, writing letters and pleadings, and communicating with clients.

State Administrative Staff

The State Administrative Office employs professionals of various expertise to support the trial and appellate offices. Professionals working out of the State Office include: