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303-764-1400 Applying for a Public Defender

Public Defender Commission

In 1979, the Colorado General Assembly amended the Public Defender statute (section 21-1-101, C.R.S.) to create a Public Defender Commission. The Chief Justice of the Colorado Supreme Court appoints Colorado citizens to serve on this commission, which consists of three attorneys and two non-attorneys. The Public Defender Commission’s primary responsibility is to appoint the State Public Defender through a thorough vetting process of applicants. Every five years, the Commission decides whether to continue the appointment of the current State Public Defender. The Commission regularly meets with the State Public Defender and members of her senior management team to receive updates on initiatives within the agency and to provide counsel and support.

Members of the public can contact the Commission here.  The Commission cannot respond to case-related questions. Please contact a local public defender office or the central administrative office for assistance with a specific case.