Annual Conference

Public Defender Conference
The Westin Westminster
10600 Westminster Blvd,
Westminster, CO 80020

September 8 – 10, 2019

Disrupting, Derailing, and Dismantling the Injustice System One Client at a Time

It’s hard work to Disrupt, Derail, and Dismantle the Injustice System One Client at a Time. The good news is that Public Defender Conference 2019 is here to arm and inspire us Defenders to best care for our clients, their outcomes, and ourselves in the process – no matter our scope of work.

Our plenary speakers Sunday, September 8th are Jon Rapping, founder of Gideon’s promise, a nationally renowned criminal justice innovator and 2014 MacArthur “Genius” fellow, who will invite us to reframe the narrative of the criminal justice system; Dean Latonia Haney Keith of Concordia law school who will explore the ethical implications and importance of cultural competency in connecting with our clients; Dr. Brenda Allen, author of Difference Matters: Communicating Social Identity, and recently retired Vice Chancellor for Diversity and Inclusion and Professor of Communication at the University of Colorado Denver, and Anschutz who will encourage us in Cultivating Inclusion.

Monday, September 9th, we will offer workshops covering a range of topics of interest to social workers, core staff, investigators, lawyers, and practitioners working specifically with child clients. A sampling of these presentations are as follows: accessing IA records in light of recent statutory changes, communicating with reluctant clients, a legal framework for fighting experts, a strengths based approach to working with at-risk (at-promise) youth, and empathy driven approaches to communicating with clients experiencing mental health symptoms. For the first time this year, a full track of workshops is dedicated to wellness and life strategies for defenders, including dealing with trauma exposure, money management, and mindfulness and meditation.

Our plenary speakers on Tuesday, September 10th are E. James Wilder, with the Office of Attorney Regulation Counsel, to give us guidance on navigating the sometimes murky waters of ethics and social networking,
Stephanie Wachman, a nationally recognized executive and productivity coach who will help us more effectively manage our time and energy in the face of high volume work; Sarah Myers, a lawyer and therapist with COLAP, will encourage wellness in our work through her presentation true grit and resiliency for Defenders.

Look forward to seeing those of you who serve the indigent accused.
(Public Defender Conference is closed to those who serve any prosecutorial or judicial function.)

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