Annual Conference

Annual Colorado State
Public Defender Conference
Westin Snowmass Conference Center
100 Elbert Lane, Snowmass, CO

September 23 – 25, 2018

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Featured Speakers: Alec Karakatstanis of the Civil Rights Corps is a leader in the fight against wealth based detention, having represented plaintiffs in the Harris County class action suit among many others across the nation.

Christy Chandler and Shanti Brien of Fogbreak Justice, former San Francisco Public Defenders, are leaders in pushing back against implicit bias within agencies and the judicial system striving to achieve equal justice for all.

Shobha Mahadev of the Northwestern Children and Family Justice Center Bluhm Legal Clinic fights for juveniles in all areas of the justice system, including those facing transfer to adult court and those serving life without parole.

Violeta Chapin, Associate Clinical Crimmigration Professor, University of Colorado Law School, represents noncitizens in a variety of settings, including criminal court, in an effort to ensure they receive fair treatment under the law.

Presentations of Interest to Lawyers of all Experience Levels, Investigators, and Social Workers. Topics Include:

  • Mediation Basics
  • Understanding ACE Scores
  • Navigating the Labrynth of DOC Records
  • Dog Sniff Litigation in the wake of legalized marijuana
  • DMV Consequences
  • DNA Analysis
  • Immigration
  • Legal Hot Topics
  • Understanding Brain Injury
  • Aspergers/Autism in the Criminal Context
  • DYS Screenings
  • Litigating Access to Police Records

Cost for Private Lawyers, Investigators, Social Workers:

  • Lawyers (breakfast included):
    • Sunday – Tuesday, 13 CLEs (3 ethics), $400
    • Sunday/Monday, 9 CLEs (2 ethics), $325
    • Monday/Tuesday, 9 CLEs (1 ethics), $325
    • Sunday, 4 CLEs (2 ethics), $200
    • Monday, 5 CLEs (0 ethics), $275
    • Tuesday, 4 CLEs (1 ethics), $200
  • Investigators, Social Workers (breakfast not included):
    • $125 Sunday-Tuesday
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**Registration is Limited to those who engage in criminal defense work, and who do not serve any
prosecutorial or judicial function as part of their work**
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