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Lorie Kerr

Regional Program Administrator

Lorie Kerr is the Regional Operations Administrator. She’s worked at the OSPD for 17 years. Prior to serving as Regional Operations Administrator, she worked as an Admin Assistant and Office Manager in the Grand Junction office.

As Regional Operations Administrator, Lorie serves as a liaison to regional office administrative support staff and the point of contact for office managers throughout the system.

Prior to working at the OSPD, she didn’t know what public defense entailed. However, she quickly became inspired by the staff who zealously represent the indigent and mentally ill that can’t afford representation when accused of a crime. She knew she wanted to spend the rest of her career supporting the OSPD staff and helping clients navigate through the judicial process.

Lorie is extremely proud to work with an agency where you’re not judged by your worst mistake, and she’s honored to be part of a team where attorneys and support staff work tirelessly every day to protect the accused.

Family and Personal Interests

In her free time, Lorie loves creating art and working in her yard. She frequently takes long walks with her husband and dog, and she has two grown children who she visits as much as possible.