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Sher Koslosky

Paralegal Program Director

Sher Koslosky is the Director of the Paralegal Program. She’s worked at the OSPD for 15 years, starting out in the Douglas County office. After a brief stop in the Arapahoe County office, Sher came to the Complex Crimes Unit at the State Office in 2013 and has been there ever since.

As Director of the Paralegal Program, Sher performs a variety of important roles, including hiring, training and supporting the paralegal team. She talks to the paralegals every day about the work they do to help attorneys and the clients we represent.

Sher is extremely proud of the work she does at the OSPD: “To me, indigent public defense means that we stand with our clients in their greatest time of need. We stand for them and with them at a time when most of society wants to forget our clients.”