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Tim McArthur

Social Work Program Director

Timothy C. McArthur is a licensed clinical social worker. He serves as the Social Work Supervisor and Peer Support Team Leader at the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender (OSPD). He’s been with the OSPD for five years, spending his first four as a juvenile social worker on the Western Slope and the past year with the state office as a supervisor.

In his role as supervisor, Tim is responsible for clinical supervision, consultation, and training of the social work team. He also plays an integral role in hiring and recruiting. In addition, Tim provides mitigation on select cases.

As a leader of the social work team, Tim is honored to tell our clients’ stories and advocate for understanding, education and compassion. Our clients are often scapegoated and misunderstood. Their behavior is most often influenced by external factors such as trauma and societal stressors. Their lack of resources often results in a lack of support that many others take for granted. Tim is proud to perform a role that is crucial in sitting with the client, listening to them, and telling their story to a punitive and adversarial world. He strives to provide context and understanding, and to advocate for a more fair and restorative system.

Education and Credentials

Tim earned a BS in Music from Eastern New Mexico University and a BA in Psychology from the University of Colorado Boulder. He earned his Master’s degree in Social Work from the University of Denver.

He has also received the following certifications:

  • NOFSW Certification in Forensic Social Work
  • NOFSW Advanced Forensic Social Work Certification
  • CPI Verbal Intervention Trainer

Family and Personal Interests

Tim is a dedicated husband, friend and dog father. In his free time, he enjoys exploring the Colorado outdoors by hiking, rock climbing, kayaking and mountain biking. He’s also an avid Broncos and Avs fan.