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Veronica Graves

Chief Human Resources Officer

Veronica Sandoval Graves is the Chief Human Resources Officer at the OSPD. She started as the Human Resources Director when she joined the team in May 2022 and transitioned into her current position in July 2023. She is responsible for the direction and leadership for developing, planning, implementing and directing HR programs and services for the agency, working closely with senior leadership and under the strategic direction of the State Public Defender.

Veronica has been working in the human resources field for over 27 years, starting in the healthcare industry and most recently spent over 20 years in higher education.

Ms. Graves believes that everyone has a right to be represented when being accused of a crime, and it should not be dependent on whether or not they can afford an attorney. She is in awe every day of the passion and spirit in which our defenders fight for the rights of our clients, especially when the odds are stacked against them and they are up against a system that doesn’t favor marginalized populations.

Even though the HR team doesn’t provide direct client services, their role as an administrative function of the agency is to provide support to our defenders in their work through transparent employment practices, and providing support for navigating benefits, pay and the general work environment.

Education and Credentials

Veronica earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management, graduating magna cum laude. She holds the following professional certifications in HR:

  • PHR

Under the Executive Branch of Colorado State Government, she holds certifications in:

  • Selection, Classification and Job Evaluation
  • Personal Services Contracts

Family and Personal Interests

Veronica is a Colorado native (3rd generation) and can’t imagine being anywhere else than this beautiful state. When not at work, she spends as much time as she can with her college-age kids, husband and her fur baby. She loves sports, and always roots for her tome team, no matter how the season goes.