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303-764-1400 Applying for a Public Defender

Apply by Smart Phone

If your only way to access the internet is through a smartphone, you can still fill out the application.

  1. Download the “Adobe Fill & Sign” app from the app store on your phone
    Get it on Google Play</a >Download on the App Store
  2. Touch and hold the link below for the application and choose the download option
  3. Open the Adobe Fill & Sign app, navigate to the downloaded application, then fill out and sign the application in the app.
  4. Use the share feature in the app to email the application to the appropriate office. (Some offices prefer that you come to the office in-person to complete the process.)
    • On an iPhone:
      • the share button is a box with an arrow pointing up;
    • On an Android:
      • it is this “<” symbol with dots in the corners.