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Accused of Sex Offense

In response to family members’ concerns about what happens to loved ones who are accused or convicted of sex offenses, the Colorado Sex Offender Management Board created a working group to provide resources to these family members. After 7 years of working with family members, registered citizens, and people from every aspect of the legal system, including public defenders, this Resource Guide for Families of Adults Accused, Charged, or Convicted of Sexual Offenses in Colorado is available to the public. It informs, supports, and recognizes the impact of a loved one’s charges or convictions on their family members and provides appropriate ways for family members to engage with the various agencies and boards their loved one will travel through, both pre-trial and when serving a sentence.

The guide is divided into three parts:

  • Part 1-Supporting Your Loved One from Arrest to Sentencing
  • Part 2-Serving the Sentence
  • Part 3-Agency Information

All together, this guide should portray what each step from arrest to post-sentencing looks like to a family member who may be seeing their loved one in the judicial system for the first time.