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Voting Rights

You get your right to vote back!

Most people who are accused or convicted of a crime retain the right to vote in Colorado. The only persons who CANNOT vote are persons who are currently incarcerated in prison or jail after conviction of a felony offense. Persons transitioning out of the Department of Corrections into Community Corrections are considered incarcerated for voting purposes.

Everyone else can vote. This includes:

  • People on parole
  • People in jail pending trial
  • People in jail serving misdemeanor sentences
  • People on probation or in community corrections as a condition of probation
  • People in diversion

There is nothing you need to do to restore your right to vote! The easiest way to register to vote is online at Go Vote Colorado.

More Information

As of July 1, 2020, everyone who applies for a Colorado Driver’s license or Medicaid will automatically be registered to vote. A notice will be sent to the person from the local county clerk that they have been registered.

The Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition has a voting campaign. Go to their Voting with Conviction website for helpful information about voting and candidates for office.

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