Forensic Social Work Internships

The Colorado OSPD provides social work internship positions for MSW students. Internships consist of an initial training period followed by experience with release advocacy, setting up community support, and gradual introduction to the specialized practice of mitigation. Interns receive weekly supervision and specialized training.

Scope of Forensic Social Work Internship

Forensic social workers apply the fundamental theories of psychosocial variables to assist in identifying the presence of physical or mental health impairments, substance abuse, family or other social history patterns that may impact behavior and development. Under the direction of the defense attorney, social workers conduct assessments and compile psychosocial histories to develop recommendations for appropriate pretrial release, treatment options, conditions of probation or diversion, and sentencing and post-sentencing options.

Many of our offices host social work interns. Internships provide students an opportunity to learn about the criminal legal system and apply the principles of social work to support public defender clients. Social work interns must be committed to the NASW Code of Ethics’ Principles by valuing the dignity and worth of the person, and commitment to clients by respecting their right to self-determination, regardless of the accusation. In addition, they must apply confidentiality to the information they learn and the work they do on behalf of OSPD.

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How to Apply

Interested candidates may submit a letter of interest and a current CV/resume to: