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Investigator Internships

Investigative Internships

Investigative internships provide a unique opportunity for students to learn about the criminal legal process while helping our clients and their team of defenders. Internships can provide varied experiences but may include:

  • Records requesting and organization
  • Discovery review and client meetings
  • Serving subpoenas
  • Interviewing witnesses

Investigative interns must hold themselves to high standards of honesty and commitment to our clients. In addition, they must apply confidentiality to the information they learn and the work they do on behalf of OSPD.

Investigative internships can provide a path to establishing experience for future jobs with our agency as a criminal investigator or other positions. Many future law students will seek out these internships in order to confirm their desire to serve those who are less fortunate and begin their path to being public defender lawyers.

How to Apply

Applicants seeking an investigator internship should contact the Investigator Contact for the regional office where they want to apply. Investigator internships are unpaid internships and must be affiliated with an accredited institution.