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State Administrative Office

Office Location Info

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Administrative support for the Colorado Public Defender’s System is provided by the State Office located at 1300 Broadway, in downtown Denver. This office manages all central business administrative functions needed for the efficient operation of the Regional Trial and Appellate offices.

State Administrative Office Senior Staff

Megan A. Ring, Colorado State Public Defender
Karen N. Taylor, First Assistant State Public Defender
Lucienne Ohanian, Chief Deputy
Joyce Akhahenda, Chief Deputy
Zak Brown, Chief Deputy

Stephen Ettinger, Chief Financial Officer
Kyle Hughes, Chief Information Officer
Veronica Graves, Chief Human Resources Officer

James Karbach, Director of Legislative Policy and External Communications
Maureen Cain, Policy Liaison

Joseph Archambault, Chief Trial Deputy
Kimberly Chalmers, Chief Trial Deputy

Jennifer Ahnstedt, Lead Training Director
Effie Seibold, Training Director
Laurie Kepros, Director of Sexual Litigation

Teresa Villalobos, Director of Criminal Investigation
Tim McArthur, Social Work Program Director
Sher Koslosky, Paralegal Program Director
Lorie Kerr, Regional Program Administrator